Georgia Association of Regional Commissions


To advance the efforts of Georgia's twelve Regional Commissions as efficient and effective service provision organizations for local governments and related state and federal programs in the areas of planning, economic development, transportation, information technology and human services.


The Association exists to promote the regional efforts of the twelve Regional Commissions in Georgia.  Per the Bylaws of the GARC, some of the stated purposes of the Association are as follows:

  • To assist the Regional Commissions in strengthening their capabilities to server their local governments.
  • To provide a forum for the regular exchange of information and ideas among Regional Commissions to enhance the concept of regional planning and development.
  • To reflect the interests of the citizens in each region of Georgia through coordinated and comprehensive planning efforts in the areas of land use, environment, transportation and historic preservation.
  • To foster the implementation of joint local, state and federal programs that advance the goals of the Regional Commissions and their respective service areas.
  • To provide representation of the Association before various agencies of the legistlative and executive branches of both the state and federal government.
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